$12 Billion In Student Loans May Disappear After Paperwork Is Lost

There’s no financial issue more pressing than student loans. There’s $1.3 trillion in student loan debt out there, and it’s only heading upward. But a new legal case might make $12 billion of loans, and potentially even more, legally vanish for good, with the students in question off the financial hook.It sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually a real legal problem. One of the most aggressive student loan companies, a network of 15 trusts called the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts, has, according to The New York Times, had real trouble proving in court that it actually owns the loans it’s suing people over:

Source: $12 Billion In Student Loans May Disappear After Paperwork Is Lost

Oh Look, A Lifetime Addict w/ A $500,000 Bill in [Market-Ticker]

This “breakthrough” has all the markers for a massive extraction racket. Kids are cute, and kids with cancer are unassailable lest you be called a monster. The therapy does appear to work, but it works by destroying an essential part of the body’s immune system which then has to be replaced or the person dies of some other disease that would not be serious for a not-compromised person at all. In other words a cold or the flu would kill such a person without said continuing lifetime treatment.

Source: Oh Look, A Lifetime Addict w/ A $500,000 Bill in [Market-Ticker]

Ace of Spades HQ

July 11, 2017Lawyer: Nope, Donald Trump Junior Is Not Guilty of an Improper Campaign Solicitation from a Foreign NationalA lot of Twitter Lawyers and/or People Who Play Internet Lawyers on Twitter are making the claim that any willingness to accept information from a foreign source is violation of campaign finance laws — the claim is being made that this is either a solicitation of something “of value” or else a solicitation of an “in-kind” contribution.

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Crashed RadioShack flogs off its IPv4 stash • The Register

Collapsed retail store RadioShack will auction off its public IPv4 addresses as part of its ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.The 32,000-odd addresses will be sold off in /24 and /20 subnets by auction site IPv4Auctions.com, which specializes in the sale and resale of the increasingly valuable online space. The website says it has “exclusivity” on RadioShack’s IPv4 blocks.With the current market rate of between $12.50 and $13 per address, that means the IPv4 blocks will be worth around $410,000. The failed electronics chain owns a bunch of stuff in the 139.60.x.x range plus a few other bits and pieces:Addresses (according to ARIN) Number of addresses139.60.0.0 – 1024139.60.20.0 – 4096139.60.40.0 – 6144139.60.72.0 – 1024139.60.96.0 – 2048139.60.112.0 – 1024139.60.144.0 – 3072139.60.164.0 – 2048139.60.200.0 – 1433650.78.242.128 – 870.91.29.88 – 8

Source: Crashed RadioShack flogs off its IPv4 stash • The Register