Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Tampered With The Yearbook Inscription | Weasel Zippers

Here’s the CNN link where you can see the that the location and date added is in the same ink as the last name and D.A. So obviously she’s lying about that.

She added the last name and the D.A. as well, as the ink shows.

Why couldn’t MSM investigate the very apparent two different color inks?

The reason Nelson added D.A., despite the fact that he wasn’t the D.A., was that he had handled her divorce and signed her order with ‘D.A.’ at end of his name. His assistant added ‘D.A.’ to denote that she was signing orders on his behalf. So she was consciously imitating his signature.

Who would allow a judge to handle her divorce if he’d tried to attack her?

And one more thing.

This also calls into question another accuser, Debbie Wesson, who said Moore dated her when she was 17 and he wrote her a note then. But the signature on her note appears identical to the one that appears to have been added by Nelson. So that raises a question about whether that’s real either.

Simple answer? Date the ink.

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Mesa Police shooting: Daniel Shaver seen crawling, begging in disturbing video – CBS News

Brailsford orders Shaver, 26, to lay face-down in a hallway and refrain from making sudden movements – or risk being shot. He also orders a woman in the hallway to lie on the ground. Shaver is seen complying with the officer’s order to put his hands on top of his head and cross his left foot over his right foot.

“Young man, you are not to move. You are to put your eyes down look down at the carpet you are to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head you are to keep your feet crossed,” Brailsford says. “If you move, we are going to consider that a threat, and we are going to deal with it and you may not survive it, do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” Shaver says.

Brailsford then orders the woman to kneel, put her hands in the air and crawl towards officers. Officers then apparently handcuff her out of the view of the camera.

Brailsford then orders Shaver to kneel, and yells for him to keep his legs crossed, to which Shaver replies, “I’m sorry.”

Shaver is then seen putting his hands behind his back. The officer yells, “Hands up in the air!,” and Shaver complies.

“You do that again we’re shooting you, do you understand?” the officer says.

“Please, do not shoot me,” Shaver is heard saying, his hands in the air.

“Then listen to my instructions!” the officer yells.

“I’m trying to just do what you say,” Shaver says.

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Mueller’s ‘Right-Hand Man’ Represented Clinton Aide Who Set Up Server


Yet another key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe appears to have deep ties to the Democratic Party.

Aaron Zebley served previously as Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and as a senior counselor in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. He also served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Alexandria, Virginia.

He is often referred to in the media as Mueller’s “right-hand man.”

Also, in 2015 when he was a lawyer, he represented Justin Cooper, the IT staffer who personally set up Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server in her Chappaqua home, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Thursday.

Cooper, it so happens, is also the aide who destroyed Clinton’s old BlackBerries with a hammer.

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Byron York: Dossier author was in contact with Obama Justice Department

It’s been 10 months since Washington learned that former British spy Christopher Steele, author of the so-called “Trump dossier,” took the Hillary Clinton-funded opposition research document to the FBI, which considered sponsoring the anti-Trump work at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign. Now, congressional investigators have made what is perhaps an even more consequential discovery: Knowledge of the dossier project, during the campaign, extended into the highest levels of the Obama Justice Department.

The department’s Bruce Ohr, a career official, served as associate deputy attorney general at the time of the campaign. That placed him just below the deputy attorney general, Sally Yates, who ran the day-to-day operations of the department. In 2016, Ohr’s office was just steps away from Yates, who was later fired for defying President Trump’s initial travel ban executive order and still later became a prominent anti-Trump voice upon leaving the Justice Department.

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New Allegations of Political Bias and Interference in FBI Emerge Involving Swamp Creature McCabe

GOP lawmakers say they have heard new stories of political bias or interference within the FBI, John Solomon of The Hill reports.

Rep. Ron DeSantis revealed Wednesday that he interviewed a retired FBI advisor who said he was instructed by Andrew McCabe not to call the Beghazi attack an act of terrorism in the FBI reports despite incontrovertible evidence al Qaeda had directed the attack.

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Victor Davis Hanson’s ‘The Second World Wars’ | National Review

I needn’t have worried. The Second World Wars is an outstanding work of historical interpretation. It is not an operational history of the war: Hanson does not provide extended accounts of military campaigns. It focuses instead on the decisions about why, how, and where to fight the war, the diverse methods of warfare employed by the belligerents, and how the investments and strategies of each side led to victory or defeat.

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