charles hugh smith-You Can’t Fool Mother Nature For Long: Profiting from Sickcare

In a surreal divergence of entertainment and reality, our society broadcasts popular food shows in which chefs routinely assemble impossibly complex dishes while our schools produce students who cannot identify a healthy home-cooked meal, much less actually prepare one.

In a similar fashion, fitness has been marginalized in much of American education; in our rush to raise math and science to “must haves,” we have neglected finance and the science of nutrition and fitness–applications of math and science that really count.

In fitness, another surreal divergence has opened between the entertainment provided by “extreme sports” touting superhuman endurance and daring, and the average American’s ability and desire to run a mile (or even a kilometer). We have been brainwashed into a nation of spectator/consumers who know very little about living a nutritious and fit life. We are content to watch extreme sports training on TV but are averse to becoming even marginally fit ourselves.

via charles hugh smith-You Can't Fool Mother Nature For Long: Profiting from Sickcare.


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