Anglican Curmudgeon: Fort Worth Files Its Opening Brief

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, along with Bishop Jack L. Iker, his Diocesan corporation and its trustees, and forty-three congregations have filed their opening brief in the Texas Supreme Court (the brief and the appendices may be downloaded at the link). The brief is very well written, and extremely readable; I commend it both to legal and lay minds alike. The statement of facts begins as follows (footnotes omitted):

This is the largest church property dispute in the history of Texas. The suit involves control of property rather than title: all parties agree the Corporation holds legal title, but they disagree whose representatives are entitled to sit on its Board of Trustees. The facts are undisputed; the only question is whether the case is governed by: (A) the Corporation’s articles of incorporation, by-laws, and applicable state laws, or (B) documents and opinions about the structure, practices, and beliefs of the churches involved.

via Anglican Curmudgeon: Fort Worth Files Its Opening Brief.


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