Articles: Deconstructing the 99%ers

We 30 were all Caucasian, with one Hispanic woman, and possibly one Middle Easterner or second Hispanic woman. There were at most two persons under thirty years old. The rest of the crowd were easily seen to be either late bloomers or leftover ’60s radicals nostalgic for backintheday. Aside from the jaunty moderators, in their earning years, most featured snowy thatches, pepper-and-salt or fully grayed roofs; they could have been the ideal Bill Maher audience, rah rah one-sideds with blinkered social vision and hysterical claque views. Most puddled in their ’60s and ’70s. They seemed at or well beyond their earning years, which would account for why so few of them evidently conceptualized factories or working places to actually earn honest income via professions. Some actually thought they could do without any workplaces at all.

via Articles: Deconstructing the 99%ers.


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