Review: Craig Zobel’s ‘Compliance’ – Businessweek

On a busy Friday evening in 2004, a man posing as a police officer called a McDonald’s (MCD) in Mount Washington, Ky., and claimed to “have corporate” on the line. Identifying himself over the phone as “Officer Scott,” he told Donna Jean Summers, the assistant manager, that a young cashier was suspected of stealing from a customer. The girl would be spared a night in jail, and it would be simpler for everyone, he said, if the employee was searched on the premises. Summers took 18-year-old Louise Ogborn, who fit the description of the alleged thief, to the back office, and over the next three and a half hours followed the man’s increasingly troubling instructions. “Officer Scott” wasn’t satisfied even after the girl was doing naked jumping jacks.

via Review: Craig Zobel's 'Compliance' – Businessweek.


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