It’s That Time Of Year Again in [Market-Ticker]

Folks, I’m a parent. I, like everyone else who is a parent, believes that my child is special. But as a parent my first and foremost obligation is to provide guidance based on my longer tenure of experience to my younger, starry-eyed offspring, and not to get the stars in my eyes as well. An 18 year old is no longer a child, and if my child decides to put herself into debt to attempt to gain an education that she is odds off to complete within the plan and cost that is sold to her, and has a four in ten chance of not completing it at all, that’s her call. The day she turns 18 I cannot stop her from doing so.

But if I enable that act in any way, shape or form, or worse, actively encourage it, knowing these odds, then I deserve to be BBQd and eaten if her gambit fails, because nobody in their right mind would willingly take a gambit that has a 4-in-10 chance of economically destroying their future given the existence of other options — and there are other options.

via It's That Time Of Year Again in [Market-Ticker].


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