Stand Firm | Pope To Speak on Matters About Which He Knows Little

Global temperatures have not risen in almost twenty years. The Earth has been indisputably warmer, even within recorded history, and prior to the advent of large-scale greenhouse gas production by human beings. The mechanisms that cause changes in global climate are very poorly understood, and it is equally possible that world-wide efforts to restrict carbon dioxide will do more damage to the environment rather than less. And those efforts are almost certain to harm hundreds of millions of Christians and others throughout the Third World, all so that limousine liberals in the West can take more and more control of their own societies and feel less guilty about their wealth.All that being the case, the Pope has no business entering the fray on either side. If he wants to talk about the Christian obligation of environmental stewardship, I will whole-heartedly support him doing so, even if I may disagree with some of his particulars. But he would do well to stay out of matters about which he can act as no more than a leftist politician. It is demeaning to the office, and damaging to the church’s credibility.

via Stand Firm | Pope To Speak on Matters About Which He Knows Little.


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