It’s 2015, and You’re in the Future | Wait But Why

Time flies. Years that seem recent can quickly become buried in the past, and if you tune out for a second, you can quickly find yourself standing in the future. Suddenly, today, it’s 2015. Let’s look at what that means:

The 21st century seems like it just started, but we’re already half way to 2030.

The Wonder Years aired from 1988–1993 and covered the years 1968–1973. If it were made today, it would cover the years 1995–2000. Instead of episodes about the moon landing, The Beatles, and the Civil Rights Movement, they’d be about AOL, ‘N Sync, and the Bush-Gore election. The characters in a Wonder Years made today would be watching Friends (’94 – ’04), South Park (’97 – present), Dawson’s Creek (aired 1998 – 2003), Sex and the City (’98 – ’04), and they’d even catch the first couple seasons of The Sopranos (’99 – ’07).

via It's 2015, and You're in the Future | Wait But Why.


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