The Tower Shudders in [Market-Ticker]

The Tower Shudders

The cracks in the dam have begun to show, and water is spurting from them. Meanwhile, the ivory tower, gold-encrusted with the many millions of taxdebtor dollars (many forcibly extracted from impressionable young people via knowingly-false starry-eyed claims peddled to same) is beginning to sway as the foundation has been undermined — and will soon come crashing down.

SWEET BRIAR — In an announcement that stunned students Tuesday, Sweet Briar College said it will close at the end of this academic year because of “insurmountable financial challenges” blamed on the dwindling number of women interested in single-sex education and the pressures on small, liberal arts schools.

The “insurmountable financial challenge” is charging young adults upward of $100,000 for four year degrees all-in when a liberal-arts education is, in most places, a recipe for a sub-$50,000 a year salary.

via The Tower Shudders in [Market-Ticker].


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