TAMMY BRUCE: Liberals and magical thinking – Washington Times

We all know that children think magically, and naturally inhabit a world of fantasy and imagination. It’s the perfect place to be when you’re a kid. The problem is, adults on the left seem to have decided they deserve to live in that same magical world, where facts and logic and reason just don’t exist.Last week I appeared on “Fox and Friends,” the Fox News Channel powerhouse morning program, to discuss an elementary school in Maine reading a book about a “transgendered child” to its students in all classes, including kindergarten. Parents were not informed beforehand, and many were furious. I appeared with a psychologist, not to discuss transgenderism, but whether presenting this sort of information to small children, who are without the capacity for conceptual thinking, was appropriate.The psychologist and I agreed: This sort of information has no business being taught to small children in the school system, and certainly not without the express approval of their parents.I expect people to disagree with me on certain issues, including about how adults handle issues of sex and identity, but dignity demands that we leave the 5-year-olds out of it.

via TAMMY BRUCE: Liberals and magical thinking – Washington Times.


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