No Charges Will be Filed – Market-Ticker

From Karl Denninger:

As I pointed out at the time: Fields was improperly inside Trump’s Secret Service security cordon. You just don’t do that — period — whether it’s US Secret Service providing the protection or a private concern. Intentionally violating a security cordon without an explicit invitation by the protected person makes you a potential threat. Fields was not “almost thrown to the ground” or anything of the sort.

The “grab”, if it occurred, was both reasonable under the circumstances and intended to stop further progress inside said security cordon. Fields appears to have lied about the circumstances of same and the amount of force used, and further appears to have tried to peddle a load of crap about “bruises” which, from the now-in-the-open video, were virtually impossible to have acquired due to the alleged contact.

To the extent that was communicated to a law enforcement agency in an official report that’s a criminal offense (the filing of a false report.)Now Fields claims she’s going to “pursue a civil case for defamation.”Good luck with that one Michelle;

Link: Market-Ticker – The Market Ticker


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