Doctors Weigh In on Hillary’s Health

A caller named Eric who identified as an ear, nose, and throat doctor said that Clinton’s fall on Sunday was a “neurological event,” either from the brain or brain stem, “which would be consistent with her previous history of the fall and then the blood clot.”“It would also be consistent, let’s say, with her cough — which, if it’s affecting the brain stem, which would go all the way down to, let’s say, cranial nerve 10, which supplies sensation to the throat, which would give you that irritating cough on and off,” he added.“What you saw yesterday was very, very serious, and people better start taking this seriously,” Eric said. “This is big time now. This is really, really big time, so I hope that somebody really gets after this.”He recommended having a neurologist or neurosurgeon take a look at Clinton, study her past history, and determine if “this was a progressive event,” perhaps even “something like Parkinson’s, or some sort of more degenerative disease.” He said such a determination would require a “full workup,” including MRIs, physical exams, and neurological studies.“What you saw was not even remotely close to pneumonia,” Eric said firmly, citing his own experience at dealing with upper-respiratory infections. “That was an immediate event that caused, obviously, a complete, almost like paralysis of her lower extremities. It’s insulting to not only physicians in the people that saw that, but also to everyday folks.”“I do teach occasionally. If I had a medical student tell me that was pneumonia, I would have asked them to go back to school. Go back to the library, because you obviously are clueless,” Eric said.

Source: Doctors Weigh In on Hillary’s Health


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