“No Fly” Over Syria – The Market Ticker

,,, That issue is Syria.Hillary Clinton has committed herself to imposing a “no fly” zone over Syria. As I have pointed out on multiple occasions in this column there are two problems with that commitment.

First, the Russians are in there at Syria’s invitation. They’re protecting Syria’s government at its request, exactly as we protected Kuwait at its request. They are therefore acting with the permission of the sovereign government of Syria, and we will not be. We will effectively be invading Syria.

Second, Russia has missile systems deployed in Syria that we cannot reliably kill, and our aircraft and other flying equipment cannot reliably survive being fired upon by them either. While we can certainly find some of their batteries through intelligence and similar, and blow them up, doing so would be a clear act of war. If we do not do so then anything Russia does not want flying in the skies over Syria will not be flying. It will instead be in many pieces and any airmen inside said aircraft will be dead.Will Russia allow us to dictate that there will be a no-fly zone and allow us to enforce it?

I doubt it.

Source: Market-Ticker – The Market Ticker


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