Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF) Resources (Ed Batista)

MY LOW-CARB HIGH-FAT JOURNEYBy almost any measure I’ve enjoyed exceedingly good health during my five decades on the planet, thanks primarily to my parents. My mom was a fantastic cook who showed us that meals at home could be healthful, delicious, and fun; my dad turned me on to running when I was in elementary school, sparking a passion for physical activity that’s still with me today; and they both passed on a set of genes that, at least to date, have been essentially trouble-free.But over the last decade three shifts caused me to take a more deliberate approach to health and fitness. First, in 2008 (a few months after turning 40), I realized that my “yo-yo” approach to physical activity (i.e. a few weeks on, then a few weeks off, or even a few months on, then a few months off) was increasing my risk of injury, and I needed to prioritize daily exercise and get control of my schedule to make that possible. I’ve maintained that goal for the last 9 years, and today I typically exercise 5 or 6 times a week.


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