Twin Peaks Return

Did Anyone Watch the Twin Peaks Return?The show was not what I thought it would be, at all.I thought the show would be what is now called a “soft reboot.” I thought they would continue the storyline, but they would introduce a young FBI agent to track the whereabouts of the missing Special Agent Dale Cooper. That agent would then go to Twin Peaks — where Cooper was last seen, and where he had been working a couple of major cases before disappearing — and there the agent would meet the locals, and get a sense of the strange darkness that lurks in the woods of the area.I was pretty sure they would do something like this because most people have not seen Twin Peaks, and most people who have seen it have forgotten most of it except for catchphrases (“Damn fine cup of Joe!”), and most people who have seen it haven’t really even seen it — most people who saw the show actually stopped watching after the first season, and those who persisted through that stopped watching after the killer was kinda sorta revealed in season 2 episode 8.And even people who’ve seen the whole thing — a group which could not possibly constitute more than 1% of the population — still need a refresher.How many people actually know that Dale Cooper was imprisoned in the nightmarish alternate-plane-of-existence called “The Black Lodge” (or, the Red Room in the Black Lodge), and replaced on earth by an evil doppleganger possessed by the eternal (?) spirit of murder called “BOB” in the last shot of the show?Hell, how many people even know about the White Lodge/Black Lodge mythology the show developed in the last six or so episodes after the show had been cancelled because no one was watching any longer?

Source: Ace of Spades HQ


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