Yes, It’s Over in [Market-Ticker]

That state exists because you have been made deliberately ill.On purpose.Starting in the 1970s and 80s you were told to eat carbohydrates. The so-called “food pyramid” was an outright fraud, telling you to eat refined grain products above all else. These products are identical in form and substance to what a farmer feeds a cow or pig to make it fat before slaughtering it!Now if you’re going to slaughter said cow or pig that might be ok. But you’re a human and we’re not going to eat you. Well, not yet anyway. That same “getting fat” thing also makes you sick over time. It causes Type II diabetes, heart disease, strokes and all other manner of malfunction. The extra 100lbs destroys your joints, especially your hips and knees. It makes you reliant on motor vehicles for transport because you can’t comfortably walk the length of a parking lot, say much less anywhere else — or ride a bicycle (which, incidentally, is the most-efficient, on an energy expended per pound-mile moved basis, device for such a purpose ever invented.)What’s worse is that the same “food pyramid” pushers also told you to get the saturated fats out of your diet and replace them with vegetable oils. Those oils, unfortunately, have a very bad fatty-acid balance problem which greatly promotes inflammation in your body. Inflammation is something you’re all familiar with — if you stick yourself with a thorn or splinter, or get stung by a bee, you see it right there in front of you. When you promote that on a systemic basis that same sort of response also happens in your arteries, which makes for serious trouble and further adds to the damage that results in strokes and heart attacks.Rather than tell you to stop eating carbs and get the damned vegetable oils out of your diet the medical systems sells you pills, procedures and hip replacement surgeries. 70% of the population in America today, which I remind you includes babies, is taking at least one prescription medication.

Source: Yes, It’s Over in [Market-Ticker]


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