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Karl Denninger has it right. below. And, by the way, please don’t roll out the “Just trying to start a dialog” crap. This is in roughly the same category as trying to start a dialog with me by spitting in my face. Disrespecting my country, its heritage, and its traditions is a dialog ender, not a dialog starter. Furthermore, of all the amusements, entertainments, and diversions we have available, “professional sports” in general (and professional football in particular) would be high on the list of things I could completely do without.

O.K., I’m ready to give it a try!

Here’s Karl:

“It’s quite simple folks: You never have the right to use your professional position, while on the job, to advocate for a political position or perspective outside of that which your boss explicitly endorses and supports. If you choose to do so anyway then you ought to be immediately fired for cause. When I ran MCSNet anyone who did such a thing would have been instantly fired. This would have been true even if I supported the political position in question personally because to choose to do so without the explicit endorsement and participation of the corporation is to abuse your position at the firm for your personal political advocacy.That is simply not your decision as an employee to make. Such an action constitutes gross insubordination and that’s a fireable offense anywhere I’ve ever worked from the most-lowly job to the most-prestigious.”

“End of discussion, full-stop, done.”

“Among other things such an action may lead customers and potential customers to choose to shun the company and its products. That is a trade-off you, as a “star employee”, do not have the right to evaluate or commit the firm to; it is a decision that management has the sole right to make. Trump is exactly correct and the NFL commissioner is flat-out wrong. Since the NFL Commissioner thinks that players have the right to choose what a franchise owner must support in terms of political positions as independent acts, obligating the franchise owner to the economic consequences of same, it is my position that we should all give them plenty of economic consequences.”


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It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me | TheHill

According to media reports this week, the FBI did indeed “wiretap” the former head of Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, both before and after Trump was elected. If Trump officials — or Trump himself — communicated with Manafort during the wiretaps, they would have been recorded, too.But we’re missing the bigger story.

Source: It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me | TheHill

Monsanto’s Weed Killer, Dicamba, Divides Farmers – The New York Times

Farmers planted a new kind of seed on 25 million acres of soybean and cotton fields this year. Developed by Monsanto, the seeds, genetically modified to be resistant to a weed killer called dicamba, are one of the biggest product releases in the company’s history.But the seeds and the weed killer have turned some farmers — often customers of Monsanto, which sells both — against the company and alarmed regulators.Farmers who have not bought the expensive new seeds, which started to appear last year, are joining lawsuits, claiming that their crops have been damaged by dicamba that drifted onto their farms. Arkansas announced a 120-day ban of the weed killer this summer, and it is considering barring its use next year after mid-April. Missouri briefly barred its sale in July. And the Environmental Protection Agency, not known for its aggressiveness under President Trump, is weighing its own action.